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About Us

Milo's life didn't start out the way most puppies lives do. One night, when he was just a puppy, he was intentionally hit by a car. That night, Milo was rescued and taken to the vet. He was going to be okay, however, the vet determined he needed to have his leg removed. After his recovery, the shelter decided he needed a forever home. Our family saw his adorable face and fell in love. Today, Milo chews on as many bones as he wants, sleeps in a warm bed, has plenty of food and water, and most importantly has a family who loves him. Milo's Wish is that every rescue animal gets a second chance at finding a forever home full of love, like he did. To fulfill Milo's wish, we created this company to help promote the importance of adopting pets and raising funds to help support local animal rescues and charities!
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